Vibrations of a Vixen

…stories from under the sheets…

Why Sex? January 2, 2010

I mean, the real question here is why NOT sex?

It’s safe to say that talking about sex or anything sex-related is taboo in America. While cable television, the internet, and amazing sexologists like Tucker Max and Chelsea Handler (who really should have a personal blog and why the hell doesn’t she??) have made sexual conversation a little more acceptable in modern culture, there are still things that go on in the bedroom that no one really feels comfortable talking about.

That’s what I’m here for.

I have no problem sharing all the awful, the awesome, the astounding, the audible, and the awkward when it comes to sex. And while I understand that most people won’t even feel comfortable reading this alone, forget sharing it with their friends, it is always nice to be able to discuss dildos and cocks and nipples and orgasms in a safe, anonymous setting. No judgements here. Come as you are. Or at least how you want to be.


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