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Non-Slutty Life List February 8, 2010

(a work in progress. feel free to help out with any of these. especially the one about the states.)

1. Start a business

2. Buy a boat

3. Sleep in a tent for 5 days straight

4. Get a puppy

5. Travel to all seven continents – (Europe, Asia, South America, and North America done)

6. Go backpacking for at least one month straight

7. Buy my dad a Porsche

8. Act in a film and a play – (play done)

9. Go skydiving

10. Go scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef

11. Live within walking distance of the beach

12. Live alone

13. Do yoga twice a week for a year

14. Get my photography published

15. Get my writing published

16. Have sex in all 50 states (CT, MA, NH, CA, AZ, NM, NY, FL, RI, WI, IL, NJ done)

17. Spend a summer traveling to all large music festivals in the U.S. by car (Coachella, Bonnaroo, 10,000 Lakes Festival, All Good Festival, Outside Lands, etc.)

18. Fall in deep, uncontrollable, passionate love

19. Win money in Vegas

20. Fly a plane

21. Get married barefoot on the beach

22. Learn how to make wine

23. Drive coast to coast

24. Get my MBA

25. Spend a year teaching kids – (done)

26. Live the street performer life for a day

27. Go camping in Joshua Tree – (done)

28. Take a cooking class

29. Ride a bike from the Santa Monica pier to Redondo Beach

30. Watch the sunrise at the beach

31. Pay for the toll for the person behind me – (done)

32. Plan a fundraiser, and actually raise funds – (in progress)

33. Send letters to my favorite teachers from grade school

34. Keep track of what I wear for two months, and get rid of everything else

35. Walk on stilts

36. Go skinny dipping in three oceans – (Pacific done)

37. Walk across the Brooklyn bridge and get pizza at Grimaldi’s – (done)

38. Go to the Chocolate Festival in NYC – (done)

39. WWOOF in India

40. Travel to a different city once a month for a year (thanks Nicole, for this one!)

41. Travel on Virgin Galactic to the moon

42. Jump on my bed with my best friend in our underwear

43. Donate blood

44. Be the first-chair oboe player in a real orchestra

45. Write a song

46. Cover my ceiling with pictures

47. Learn to go to bed before midnight

48. Go to the airport with a carry-on and passport and take the next available international flight

49. Chill in Rob Dyrdek’s warehouse

50. Have a drink with Dave Matthews, Chelsea Handler, Hugh Hefner, Obama, Ben Gibbard, and you.


4 Responses to “Non-Slutty Life List”

  1. Martin Says:

    *raises hand*

    How did “have sex in all 50 states” make it on the “non-slutty life list?”

    • vixations Says:

      You’re totally assuming I’m going to have sex with a DIFFERENT person in each state! What if I just find one guy to road-trip it with me? Slut.

  2. Martin Says:

    …I admit it. That possibility never even occurred to me. I’m a slut 😦

  3. I can totally help you with this list and all involve my wonder (new) state of South Carolina
    16. I can help you add SC to your list..purely for the blog of course
    24. Have one. So far it has been worthless for me. You can have it.
    30. Great beaches in Charleston
    36. See above – Atlantic Ocean

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