Vibrations of a Vixen

…stories from under the sheets…

So, Who’s The Whore? November 23, 2009

A close friend used the following to describe me:

You’re going to be that girl who is on the Discovery channel with a show called My Twins Have Different Fathers.

You:  “How could this HAPPEN?”

Doctor:  “Well, we’ve never seen it before, but we’d always wondered if a woman could get pregnant by having sex with two men within hours of each other. Apparently… she can!”


I’m a New-York-City-dweller-turned-California-transplant. I’m originally from New England. I like boys. I like girls. I pretty much like anything that’s sexy. I’m straight, though. There’s no way in hell I would EVER date a girl. But, that has nothing to do with having fun.

There’s something in my head that makes it impossible for me to say no when it comes to sexual exploits. My friends always wanted to know what really goes on under the sheets, so I started documenting my ‘vixations’ (vibrations of a vixen), and placing them publicly onto the interwebs.

Don’t take my word for it (I don’t have any reliable answers for anyone), but I do have funny/ridiculous stories, and that counts for something, right?

Feel free to ask me anything related to sex, but stay away from questions relating to relationships or love, because I clearly know nothing about either of those.

vixations at gmail dot com.


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